Apply for a loan despite the poor Credit Bureau at no extra cost

Banks also earn a lot of money from lending to customers. As a rule, lending is also possible without any problems if the customers are creditworthy. Loan seekers can prove their creditworthiness by, among other things, their regular income and permanent employment. These are ideal conditions to get a loan. In addition, the banks are asking for proper Credit Bureau information. If you don’t have them, German banks usually have a problem. German banks only grant a loan despite the poor Credit Bureau at no extra cost if the loan applicants can provide other collateral. As a rule, a guarantee is requested or the loan application is rejected.

If Credit Bureau receives negative information from the loan applicant, banks assume that the loan applicant will not pay the installments as agreed. The risk of default is too great.

The alternative – a loan despite negative Credit Bureau without any upfront costs

The alternative - a loan despite negative Credit Bureau without any upfront costs

Private credit brokers offer their services online for the loan despite Credit Bureau without any upfront costs. Banks that lend a loan to consumers even with negative Credit Bureau are usually not based in Germany. The foreign banks only secure the loans via the attachable income of the borrowers, who must be able to prove permanent employment. In addition, the loan amount is capped.

A loan without Credit Bureau can be taken out for either an amount of 3,500 or 5,000 dollars. The credit must not be higher. When choosing the credit intermediary through which a loan is applied for, the preliminary costs are an issue. Reputable credit brokers provide credit despite Credit Bureau, without charging any upfront costs. For the consumer, this means that he has to make sure from the start that he only chooses an agent who does not charge any upfront costs.

Of course, the credit intermediaries are entitled to charge a commission for their mediation services. But only if a loan is actually brokered. It must be possible to request a loan despite Credit Bureau without any upfront costs. This is what consumers who do not get credit from German banks should pay attention to.

Unfortunately, not every loan seeker who applies for a loan without Credit Bureau actually gets a loan in the end. Many loan seekers fail because of the requirements that foreign banks place on consumers. But the order alone, which goes to the credit intermediary, shouldn’t cost anything. The agency commission is only payable if a binding loan agreement is concluded.

Make absolutely sure that the agent is serious

Make absolutely sure that the agent is serious

Before loan seekers turn to any credit broker who promises credit even in difficult or hopeless cases, they should do extensive research on the Internet to separate the wheat from the chaff. In particular, the credit intermediaries who promise credit for everyone are basically only aiming to rip off the loan seekers in one form or another. Only those who, despite Credit Bureau, provide credit without any upfront costs, work seriously.

The preliminary costs are not always recognizable as such. Many intermediaries have chargeable telephone hotlines, send worthless documents on delivery or expect customers to take out life insurance or home savings contracts in advance. In the end, all the examples mentioned are preliminary costs and should be avoided. Despite Credit Bureau, the loan is possible without any preliminary costs if the conditions are met. If the requirements are not met, the preliminary costs will not help either. Many loan seekers pay in advance and see no credit in the end.

Our conclusion

If the creditworthiness is there, it is no problem to get a bad Credit Bureau loan at no cost through a credit broker. However, this loan will always be slightly more expensive than comparable loans from German banks. In addition, in the end the agency fee has to be paid, which makes the loan more expensive. The commission is apportioned to the monthly installments, so there are no additional costs in advance.

A Credit Bureau-free loan is always the best option when Credit Bureau is bad if loan seekers have no guarantor or should not be charged to third parties. If you do not need a credit of more than 3,500 dollars, the loan is the best option, despite Credit Bureau, without any upfront costs from Switzerland.

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